Tycho Brahe Parsed Corpus of Historical Portuguese

Copyright Matters and Terms of Use

Copyright Matters

Terms of Use:

The TBCHP is available to scholars without fee for educationaland research purposes. It is, however, not in the public domain. Potential usersmay not download or use the corpus unless they agree to the following conditions:

  1. User acknowledges that the TBCHP is subject to copyrightrestrictions and agrees to abide by them. User acknowledges that violationsof copyright restrictions may result in legal liability.

  2. User agrees to notify all associates who access the downloadedcopy of the TBCHP of the copyright restrictions and of their o bligationto respect the provisions of this agreement as additional users.

  3. User will make no commercial use of the TBCHP without priorpermission.

  4. User will not redistribute the downloaded TBCHP to othersexcept in limited passages under the ordinary standards of scholarly citation.

  5. User will not disclose the password needed for downloadingthe corpus files to others.

  6. User will acknowledge the TBCHP in any written work or oralpresentations based on research using these materials.

  7. User acknowledges that the creators and distributors of theTBCHP make no warranties, express or implied, concerning the TBCHP, includingbut not limited to their ownership, merchantability, or fitness for a particularpurpose. The creators and distributors shall not be liable for any direct,consequential, punitive or other damages suffered by user or any otherperson resulting from the use of the distributed materials.

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